Valentina Lacmanović is a performance artist.

Studied drama at CNSAD (French National Academy of Dramatic Arts) and dance - classical and contemporary techniques in Croatia, France, Spain, Turkey, India, and the Netherlands.

She also possesses a Master degree in Philosophy/Aesthetic (Title: "Fascination de la laideur" at Université Paris VIII).

Fluent in five languages, Valentina was always attracted to variety of cultures, philosophies and performing arts techniques as well as martial arts.

Member of HDLU (Croatian Association of Artists)

From 2001 onwards, her work has been focused on creating solo and collaborative performances inspired by rituals (as roots of performing arts), shamanic practices and trance-like states.
Profound research into ritual versus performing spaces gave since 2003 a new direction to her work as an art director and performer, ultimately resulting in dance and video-art performance and an experimental video artwork that settled the base for her recognizable, unique signature.

Since 2008 she has been creating performances and projects for both white cube and black box spaces in collaboration with musicians, steadicam expert, video-artists, sound-artists, filmmakers, dancers, and in dialogue with experts in anthropology, ethnology, and psychoanalysis.

Nowadays she works and lives between Paris, Zagreb and Amsterdam. Her main focus is the creation of contemporary art of immersion through interdisciplinary projects, mainly performances and video artworks inspired by philosophical reflection on ritual practices and transformative performance acts. She continues her research ("From Trance to Performance") on convergences and divergences between contemporary visions of performance and enacting of rituals.



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