9-16 October 2PULSAR at 'Un Festival c'est trop court' (FR), in competition


9 November screening of UMBRA#2 (video art) at Festival Instants Video Marseille

17-27 October ARMILLAE video performance at Musée des Arts et Métiers, Paris

14 March UMBRA#2 screening (première) at Traverse Video 2019, Toulouse (FR)



23-28April CATCH (video performance) screening at FECISO Independent Film Festival (Colombia)

29-30 March SOLAR RING triptych screening at Fresh Stream Experimental Film Festival Los Angeles


25 November SPIRAAL performance at DEBUT KIT Amsterdam (NL)

30 September screening of SOLAR RING triptych at "Program Refleks", ZPC Zagreb

12 and 18 May screening of CATCH (video art) at IVAHM New Media Arts Festival Madrid

March-May Spiraal 3 month course at Cloud Danslab Den Haag

February 5 SPIRAAL workshop at Cloud Danslab, Den Haag



December 3-4: DISORIENT performance and installation at Musée des Arts et Métiers, Paris

November 27: SOLAR RING triptych screening at Festival Signes de Nuit, Paris

November 16-23: Video/performance retrospective (2007-2016) Museo CAV La Neomudejar, Madrid

November 3: SOLAR RING triptych screening at Croatian short film festival, Samobor

November 18 - January 8 (2017): DISORIENT exhibition at Museo La Neomudéjar, Madrid

October 29: SPIRAAL workshop at CLOUD DANSLAB, Den Haag

October 6: SOLAR RING triptych screening at Festival Signes de Nuit, Lisboa

September 16-18: SOLAR RING triptych screening IVAHM Festival on tour, Rivne (Ukraine)

May 14: SPIRAAL workshop at Chassée studios, Amsterdam

May 5-15: SOLAR RING triptych screenings at IVAHM video art festival, Madrid

April 23: performance DISORIENT at La Neomudéjar Madird

April 7: DISORIENT lecture-performance at La Neomudéjar Madrid

March-April: residency at Centre for avant-garde art / museum LA NEOMUDEJAR, Madrid, project DISORIENT

January 30: SPIRAAL workshop at CLOUD DANSLAB, Den Haag



November 20 - 27: SOLAR RING triptych screening at Gallery Flaneur, within performance art event FUTURE OF IMAGINATION, Singapore

October 4: SPIRAAL workshop at Chassé Studios, Amsterdam

September 17 - December 24: FUKUSHIMA MON AMOUR, collective exhibition, Paris

June 20: SPIRAAL workshop at Studio Singel, Amsterdam

April 18: SPIRAAL workshop at Studio Singel, Amsterdam. Contact: spiraalworkshop@gmail.com

March 28 and 29: screening of the video performance SOLAR RING at  FEMCINE , Santiago de Chile

March 12 - April 2: solo exhibition of video artworks at Gallery DITS, Amsterdam

March 6: performance ORACLES in Paris at SEPT CINQ

February 2: MONDAY MATCH at Bimhuis, Amsterdam 

February 1st: SPIRAAL workshop in Amsterdam



October 18: WITH IN performance at Modern Body Festival, Den Haag

October 5: SPIRAAL workshop, Studio Dok, Amsterdam

August 17: with MERCAN DEDE, Mela Festival, Oslo

February 16: SPIRAAL performance at Palais de Tokyo, Paris

Interview in July edition Art Magazin Kontura

July 15-31 exhibition AXES/OSI curated by Darko Fritz at Gallery "Siva Zona" Korčula (Croatia)

April 16 performance SPIRAAL at art-space "7.5", Paris



December 22-23 Performance FROM ZERO TO ONE at HDLU Zagreb

November 15-16 at 21.00 Performance SPIRAAL at SEPT CINQ CLUB, Paris

September 6, WITH IN, with Francisco Lopez, Studio Loos, den Haag



December 17/18 - Amsterdam - Workshop SPIRAAL

November 19 - Paris - VORTEX

November 18 - Paris - VORTEX

September 16 - Pristina - Flute Sounds Festival