12 and 18 May screening of CATCH (video art) at IVAHM New Media Arts Festival Madrid

March-May Spiraal 3 month course at Cloud Danslab Den Haag

February 5 SPIRAAL workshop at Cloud Danslab, Den Haag


December 3-4: DISORIENT performance and installation at Musée des Arts et Métiers, Paris

November 27: SOLAR RING triptych screening at Festival Signes de Nuit, Paris

November 16-23: Video/performance retrospective (2007-2016) Museo CAV La Neomudejar, Madrid

November 3: SOLAR RING triptych screening at Croatian short film festival, Samobor

November 18 - January 8 (2017): DISORIENT exhibition at Museo La Neomudéjar, Madrid

October 29: SPIRAAL workshop at CLOUD DANSLAB, Den Haag

October 6: SOLAR RING triptych screening at Festival Signes de Nuit, Lisboa

September 16-18: SOLAR RING triptych screening IVAHM Festival on tour, Rivne (Ukraine)

May 14: SPIRAAL workshop at Chassée studios, Amsterdam

May 5-15: SOLAR RING triptych screenings at IVAHM video art festival, Madrid

April 23: performance DISORIENT at La Neomudéjar Madird

April 7: DISORIENT lecture-performance at La Neomudéjar Madrid

March-April: residency at Centre for avant-garde art / museum LA NEOMUDEJAR, Madrid, project DISORIENT

January 30: SPIRAAL workshop at CLOUD DANSLAB, Den Haag



November 20 - 27: SOLAR RING triptych screening at Gallery Flaneur, within performance art event FUTURE OF IMAGINATION, Singapore

October 4: SPIRAAL workshop at Chassé Studios, Amsterdam

September 17 - December 24: FUKUSHIMA MON AMOUR, collective exhibition, Paris

June 20: SPIRAAL workshop at Studio Singel, Amsterdam

April 18: SPIRAAL workshop at Studio Singel, Amsterdam. Contact: spiraalworkshop@gmail.com

March 28 and 29: screening of the video performance SOLAR RING at  FEMCINE , Santiago de Chile

March 12 - April 2: solo exhibition of video artworks at Gallery DITS, Amsterdam

March 6: performance ORACLES in Paris at SEPT CINQ

February 2: MONDAY MATCH at Bimhuis, Amsterdam 

February 1st: SPIRAAL workshop in Amsterdam



October 18: WITH IN performance at Modern Body Festival, Den Haag

October 5: SPIRAAL workshop, Studio Dok, Amsterdam

August 17: with MERCAN DEDE, Mela Festival, Oslo


Interview in July edition Art Magazin Kontura

July 15-31 exhibition AXES/OSI curated by Darko Fritz at Gallery "Siva Zona" Korčula (Croatia)

April 16 performance SPIRAAL at art-space "7.5", Paris



December 22-23 Performance FROM ZERO TO ONE at HDLU Zagreb

November 15-16 at 21.00 Performance SPIRAAL at SEPT CINQ CLUB, Paris

September 6, WITH IN, with Francisco Lopez, Studio Loos, den Haag



December 17/18 - Amsterdam - Workshop SPIRAAL

November 19 - Paris - VORTEX

November 18 - Paris - VORTEX

September 16 - Pristina - Flute Sounds Festival