CATCH video art screening at IVAHM New Media Arts Festival Madrid

CATCH video art screening at Zagreb Dance Centre program "Reflex"

SPIRAAL workshops at Cloud Danslab Den Haag


Retrospective of video/performance works from 2007-2016 at Museo CAV La Neomudéjar, Madrid

DISORIENT performance and installation at Musée des Arts et Métiers, Paris

DISORIENT exhibition at Museo La Neomudéjar, Madrid

SOLAR RING triptych as part of IVAHM video art festival, Madrid

SPIRAAL workshop at Chassée studios, Amsterdam

Performance DISORIENT at Museo La Neomudéjar Madird

DISORIENT lecture-performance at Museo La Neomudéjar Madrid

Art residency at Centre for avant-garde art / museum LA NEOMUDEJAR, Madrid, project DISORIENT

SPIRAAL workshop at CLOUD DANSLAB, Den Haag



SOLAR RING triptych screening at Gallery Flaneur, within performance art event FUTURE OF IMAGINATION, Singapore

Collective exibition FUKUSHIMA MON AMOUR, at Gallery 18bis, Paris

Solo exhibition of video artworks at Gallery DITS, Amsterdam

SOLAR RING TRIPTYCH video at FEMCINE Film Festival, Santiago de Chile

ORACLES performance at Leseptcinq club, Paris

SPIRAAL dance workshops in Amsterdam (NL)



WITH - IN performance with Francisco López at Modern Body Festival (Den Haag)

Performance with MercanDede, Mela Festival (Oslo)

DVD performance by Robertas Narkus at De Appel Arts Centre (Amsterdam)

I-O performance by Pil Galia Kollectiv at Stedelijk Museum (Amsterdam)

SHEDERVISH FRAMED video installation at Art Space Le sept cinq, Paris

SPIRAAL workshops at Studio Dok, Amsterdam (February 1st, April 13th)

SPIRAAL performance at PALAIS DE TOKYO, Paris (exclusive, January 29th)



SHEDERVISH FRAMED video installation at AXES/OSI, exhibition at Gallery "Siva Zona" Korcula (Croatia), curated by Darko Fritz http://www.culturenet.hr/default.aspx?id=53258

SPIRAAL, performance at Art Space "7.5" Paris



FROM ZERO TO ONE, concept and realization, performance at HDLU, Gallery "Bačva", Mestrović Pavilion Zagreb

SPIRAAL, concept and realisation, performance at art-space "7.5", Paris

WITH-IN, immersive sound/immersive movement, performance in collaboration with Francisco López, creation in Den Haag, NL

SILENT SPIN, collaboration/coaching, project choreographed by Liat Magnezy (Dance Motion Picture company, NL), commissionned by Stedelijk Museum, Schiedam, NL



Dance workshops (Globaldancelab, Amsterdam)

VORTEX, dance performance at "Festival Chorégraphique", Paris

Performance at International Flute SoundsFestival, Pristina (Kosovo)

Performance at WomenInParadise Festival, Amsterdam/Paradiso


SHEDERVISH variation, Lalish Theatre, Vienna (Austria) – performance, dance workshop and conference ("From Trance to Performance ")

MASKS OF GOD, Jeruzalemkerk, Amsterdam, choreography and dance (project directed by Miranda Lakerveld)

SHEDERVISH (dance/video-art performance), Westergasfabriek Amsterdam

SHEDERVISH variation, performance at the solar energy battery ("Pozdrav Suncu"), Zadar (Croatia)

VAZOKI, performance at Sacred Music Festival, Drammen (Norway), (with Zotora / didgeridoo and Kiku Day / shakuhachi)

VAZOKI, performance at Emanuel Vigeland Museum, Oslo

LUCY, actress in a play by Théâtre de la Ruche, French Guyana, creation and tour in French Guyana, Brazil and Suriname

VORTEX, dance performance at "L'Encre" (Cayenne), commissionned by the festival "Rencontres de Danses Métisses", Cayenne (French Guyana)

Liteside Festival, Amsterdam, jury member for dance contest


SHEDERVISH variation performance at Kranjcar Gallery, Zagreb (Croatia) 
and lecture( "From dance to performance")

Paradiso, Amsterdam, dance performance with " Tarhana music"

New Dance Studios, Amsterdam, dance workshop

Music Meeting Festival, Nijmegen (NL), dance performance with "Tarhana music"

SHEDERVISH variation, at Hildegardekerk, Rotterdam (NL), Festival Culturele Karavaan

Studio Seven, Amsterdam, dance workshops

SHEDERVISH variation, performance at the Museum of Archeology, Osijek (Croatia)

SHEDERVISH variation, performace at Croatian National Theatre, Osijek

Dance workshops in Osijek and Zagreb (Croatia)


SHEDERVISH variation, performace at the Festival "Culturele Karavaan", churches of Middelbourg, Zierikzee and Terneuzen (NL)

"Smoking And Other Crimes" play by Maya vd Heuvel-Arad, actress, De Balie Theatre, Amsterdam

SHEDERVISH, dance/video-art performance at the Festival of dance and Non-speaking Theatre, Svetvinčenat (Croatia)

 SHEDERVISH, dance/video-art performance at Marin Drzić Theatre, Dubrovnik (Croatia)


Van Gogh Museum, Amsterdam, dance performance with Erik Karol (countertenor)

SHEDERVISH dance/video-art performance, residence and creation at Centro Cultural Les Corts, Barcelona (Spain)


CNSAD (French National Academy of Dramatic Arts, Paris)
University Paris VIII, St Denis (Master in Philosophy (Aesthetics))