SPIRAAL performance at DEBUT KIT (Royal Tropical Institute) Theatre, Amsterdam

DISORIENT – performance at Musée des Arts et Métiers, Paris
DISORIENT – performance at Museo CAV La Neomudéjar, Madrid
ORACLES performance, commissioned by Leseptcinq art space, Paris
WITH-IN performance (with Francisco López), Modern body festival, Den Haag (NL),

 I-O, performance by Pil Galia Kollectiv at Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam (as performer),
SPIRAAL, performance at PALAIS DE TOKYO, Paris
SPIRAAL, performance at art-space “7.5 club” Paris
FROM ZERO TO ONE, performance at HDLU, Gallery  “Bačva”, Mestrović Pavilion Zagreb
SPIRAAL, author and performer, performance at art-space “7.5 club”, Paris,
WITH-IN, with FRANCISCO LOPEZ, immersive sound/immersive movement, creation and performance in Den Haag, NL
SHEDERVISH variation, Lalish Theatre, Vienna (Austria) – performance, dance workshop and conference “From Trance to Performance “,
SHEDERVISH (dance/video-art performance), Westergasfabriek Amsterdam,
SHEDERVISH variation, performance at the solar energy battery (“Pozdrav Suncu”), Zadar (Croatia),
SHEDERVISH, dance/video-art performance at the Festival of dance and Non-speaking Theatre, Svetvinčenat (Croatia),




SOLAR RING triptych video art screening at Fresh Stream Experimental Film Festival Los Angeles

CATCH (video performance) screening at FECISO Independent Film Festival, Sogamoso (Colombia)


SOLAR RING triptych video art screening at Zagreb Dance Centre program “Refleks”
CATCH (video art) at IVAHM new media arts festival Madrid
CATCH (video art) screening, ZPC Zagreb

DISORIENT at Museo CAV La Neomudéjar, Madrid
Video-performance retrospective at Museo CAV La Neomudéjar
Solar Ring triptych video screenings at: IVAHM festival Madrid and IVAHM on tour (Rivne, Ukraine), Signes de Nuit Festival (Lisbon and Paris edition), Croatian short film festival (Samobor, Croatia)

Solar Ring triptych video, screenings at Flaneur Gallery (Singapore) (Future of Imagination 10)
FUKUSHIMA MON AMOUR collective exhibition at gallery “Le 18bis”, Paris
SOLAR RING – solo exhibition of video artwork, gallery DiTS, Amsterdam

SHEDERVISH FRAMED video installation at 7.5 art space, group exhibition, Paris
SHEDERVISH FRAMED video, screening at Suikerzoet Film Festival (Schiedam, NL),
AXES/OSI, exhibition at Gallery “Siva Zona” Korcula (Croatia), with Nina Kurtela, curated by Darko Fritz



2016 DISORIENT with Ludivine Allegue
2012 WITH-IN collaboration with Francisco López (, residency at Studio Loos (Den Haag) and performance With-In 2012, 2014 and more to come
2012 SILENT SPIN, collaboration on the project choreographed by Liat Magnezy (Dance Motion Picture company, NL), performed at Stedelijk Museum, Schiedam, NL
2011 International Flute Sounds Festival, Pristina (Kosovo), direction, choreography and dance, “Sufi Night (experimental)” with Burak Malçok/ ney, Eremira Çitaku/ flute, Avni Krasniki/ electronics, Astrit Stafai /al oud
2010 VAZOKI, performance (with Zotora / didgeridoo and Kiku Day / shakuhachi)  at Sacred Music Festival, Drammen and at Mausoleum Emanuel Vigeland, Oslo (Norway)



CNSAD (French National Academy of Dramatic Arts, Paris)
University Paris VIII, St Denis (Master in Philosophy (Aesthetics))

History of Performance (Node Center, Berlin, course)